Web Design & Development

We make really lovely websites.

Gorgeous even. And they're fast, easy to update, and optimised for mobile, Google / SEO, all that good stuff. If you need a website you should work with freak.ie, seriously. But do you need a website? Probably!

    • A well made website helps you look professional - 84% of consumers think a website makes a business look more credible.
    • It'll help generate new customers - 46% of all searches on Google are looking for local information, and 97% of search engine users have searched for a local business online.
    • You have complete control over your website - Having your business on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok can be a vital of your online presence. But you're at the whim of these companies and their algorithms, which are constantly in flux. With your own website you have much more control of your online presence.
    • You can sell your stuff online - A shop? On the internet? What'll they think of next. Selling your products and services online or accepting donations is such a big benefit to having your own website that we gave it its own section.
    • Get found online, get found offline - Once someone lands on your website they have easy access to your phone number, email, and a map to locate your business.
    • Showcase your products and services - On your website you can show off all the good stuff you offer. For example, on our website we have a page listing all the reasons to have us build your website.
    • You're missing out - 71% of small businesses have websites and 81% of customers research things online before buying. If your competitors have a website and you don't you're very likely missing out on. Don't let them get all the business, they suck.

    Plus, if you're eligible for a Trading Online Voucher, you can include a new website or update part of your project and save 50% on the cost.

    Some of our web work: