Trading Online Voucher

Are you an Irish Business looking to do something a bit ecommercey?

Want to save 50% on a project costing up to €5,000? Then you need to get your hands on some hot Trading Online Vouchers! Your Local Enterprise Office will allow you to claim back 50% (ex VAT) of the cost of your project once it's been completed. It's all fairly quick and straight forward, and can help walk you through it.

  • The project must include an ecommerce / online payments element.
  • However it can additionally include a bunch of other elements to help your business - online advertising, video production, photography, design and more.
  • If you already availed of the scheme, you're now entitled to apply for a second voucher.
  • There's a few other requirements: You have to be trading for more than 6 months and registered with revenue, certain business sectors aren't eligible, you must have less than 10 employees, and have an annual income of less than €2M.

Surely it's too good to be true? Surely you must be dreaming? Contact right away to confirm the nature of your reality and get started on your project today.