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2014 / client: Sand2Snow Adventures / Print, Branding, Web/Digital

I’d designed a pretty crummy logo for David Burns and Maghnus Collins (collectively Sand2Snow Adventures) when they took off on The Silk Roads to Shanghai expedition in 2012 (here’s a great documentary about that trip). Fortunately I got a chance to revisit it in 2014.

With the new logo/branding I got very literal and just stuck in sand and snow (or a sand dune and icy mountain to be precise). But I think it works quite well, and tied in with the rugged text it definitely captures the nature of their work. I also created a new responsive website for the guys to catalogue their various exploits. It’s no longer online, but you can see some screenshots below, as well as a brand-in-action poster mockup.

Sand2Snow Adventures diamond logoSand2Snow Adventures websiteSand2Snow Adventures website screenshotsSand2Snow Adventures Frostbite poster sample